Join one of our knowledgeable guiding team for a more in-depth look at Alnwick Castle's long history and spectacular collections.

10-Minute Talks run at intervals during opening hours. For more details please ask during your visit.


MAY 2019

Wednesday 1st May at 11.15am: 'The Earls of Northumberland: 1377-1670'
Wednesday 1st May at 2pm: 'Canaletto and his paintings at Alnwick Castle'

Thursday 2nd May at 11.15am: ' The 8th Earl of Northumberland: Suicide or Murder?'
Thursday 2nd May at 2pm: 'The Percy Tenantry Volunteers'


Tuesday 7th May at 11.15am: 'Sebastiano del Piombo and his paintings at Alnwick Castle'
Tuesday 7th May at 2pm: 'A Tale of Two Castles: Northumberland's link to Washington's Smithsonian Institution'

Wednesday 8th May at 11.15am: 'William Dobson: Lost genius of British art'
Wednesday 8th May at 2pm: 'Life below stairs: the servants of Alnwick Castle'

Thursday 9th May at 11.15am: 'The Tudor Earls of Northumberland: traitors to the realm?'
Thursday 9th May at 2pm: 'Treasures of the Saloon'


Tuesday 14th May at 11.15am: 'The heiresses of Alnwick Castle's history'
Tuesday 14th May at 1pm: 'The tale of the Welsh Tailor'
Tuesday 14th May at 2pm: 'The 3rd Duchess of Northumberland: 1787-1866'

Thursday 16th May at 11.15am: 'Chevy Chase: the story of the ballad'
Thursday 16th May at 2pm: 'The Art of the Upper Guard Chamber'


Tuesday 21st May at 11.15am: 'The Cucci Cabinets: from Versailles to Alnwick Castle'
Tuesday 21st May at 2pm: 'The 2nd Duke of Northumberland: 1742-1817'

Wednesday 22nd May at 11.15am: 'Harry Hotspur: 1364-1403'
Wednesday 22nd May at 2pm: 'The Earls of Northumberland: 1377-1670'

Thursday 23rd May at 2pm: 'Treasures of the Drawing Room: Orpheus and the Thracian Women'

Hear an overview of a historical figure, artist or item in Alnwick castle's collection with our guide-led 10-minute talks, taking place in the State Rooms.

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