Attend one of Northern England’s most thrilling spectacles as armoured knights engage in full combat on horseback.

Witness the drama, pageantry and passion as masterful knights and their trusty steeds battle valiantly to defend their honour, in this gripping 15th Century Jousting Tournament. Come and see who will be victorious in Alnwick Castle’s authentic display of chivalry and courage!

In between these spectacular performances, why not discover more of medieval England? See what else we have on during the Joust of the North below.

This incredible spectacle between the 3rd and 7th of August is free with admission to Alnwick Castle!
Please note:
  • Sensible footwear is required (trainers or walking boots are advisable) due to the steep and uneven surfaces leading to and from the Arena.
  • Alcohol or glass is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • This outdoor event is weather dependent. In the unlikely event that cancellation occurs, a provision of 2 demonstrative talks will be allocated as a replacement. 

Timings Subject to change, please check the 'What's On' board when you arrive.

10:30am Access to Barneyside Opens
11:00am Jester Show with Zooted
11:45am Falconry Demonstration
12:30pm The Knight's Melee
1:30pm Jester Show with Zooted
2:15pm Falconry Demonstration
3:00pm The Joust
4:00pm Event Field Closes

Jousting Terminology Words you might hear during the Joust of the North

Attaint - When a lance strikes a target but does not break.
Bar - A line drawn on the shield at its mid point.
Barricade - When a lance tip has swung too far to the left of the oncoming opponent. If the lance breaks as a result it is not considered a point-scoring break.
Caparison - The cloth that covers the horse.
Coronel - The shaped cap placed on the tip of the lance.
Knight Marshall - The main referee in the tournament.
Laissez Aller (French) - Meaning 'Lets go'. Called for the Jousters to charge.
Lance - The long weapon used in jousting.
Lists - The arena where jousting tournaments take place.
Melee - Any of a variety of mounted combat performed as a sporting competition rather than a battle.
Tilt - A barrier, introduced in the 14th century, to prevent jousting collisions.

How to score a joust?

The system of scoring in the medieval period differed from tournament to tournament. Rules were layed down by the Marshal of the tournament and agreed by all participants before hand.

Blows recorded on jousting cheques. With solid lances the aim is to be as accurate as possible.

Points are awarded for lances broken on the shield or the helmet only.
The days champion will be the jouster who scores the most points.

3 Points - For a lance broken on the helm of an opponent.
2 Points - For a lance broken to the shield, above the bar.
1 Point - For an attaint.
1 Point - To each jouster for a coronel to coronel strike. This sometimes happens when lances are at the same level.
0 Points - For blows; below the bar, on the breast plate, on the shield, and the removal of a crest.

Points may be awarded for good horsemanship and lance control.

The Joust of the North Results 2019

Jousters Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Sir Dominic Sewell 8 1 5 0 0
Sir Andrew McKinnon 8 6 5 0 0
Sir Bertus Brokamp 9 2 1 0 0
Sir Mike Canfor 5 5 0 0 0
Sir Michael Sadde 12 9 1 0 0
Sir Arne Koets 13 6 5 0 0

Due to heavy amounts of rain on Sunday night and on day 4, the ground became too dangerous for our knights to joust on the final two days. 


1. Sir Arne Koets - 24
2. Sir Michael Sadde - 22
3. Sir Andrew McKinnon - 19
4. Sir Dominic Sewell - 14
5. Sir Bertus Brokamp - 11
6. Sir Mike Canfor - 10

Also on during the Joust of the North

Zooted Jester Show

Birds of Prey Displays

Harry Hotspur the Rolling Horse

The Jousters

Sir Dominic Sewell
Dominic is the creator and manager of Historic Equitation.
As a young boy, Dominic was fascinated by knights and war horses. He started his re-enactment life as a bill man in his local 15th c group Sir John Astley's retinue. During a re-enactment event of the Battle of Tewkesbury he saw some riders taking part as cavalry. Since then everything changed. He went on to be a founder member of the cavalry re-enactment group Destrier.
Dominic has been jousting since 2000 and is considered one of the top exponents of the sport.
Dominic is currently working on a project that brings jousting and inner city children together in a series of productions "History where it happened".

Sir Andrew McKinnon
Alnwick Castle is proud to welcome (from Australia) Andrew McKinnon to the Joust of the North.

Andrew is an experienced international competitor and has recently had the honour of Marshalling at the Royal Armouries Easter Tournament in Leeds.
He is the event producer of the St. Ives Medieval Faire and the World Jousting Championships 2019 in Victoria, Australia.
He is a member of the Knightly Order of the Star with Phillip Leitch, Cliff Marisma and Luke Binks.
His motto is 'Et usque ad finem perseverabunt' 'I shall endure until the end.'

Sir Bertus Brokamp
While in his early twenties, Bertus learned the basic skill of polearm, swordfights and participated as foot combatant in late medieval re-enactment battles. At the age of 26 he performed his first mounted fight.
Bertus has participated in more than six hundred tournaments and mounted performance all over the globe including England, Germany, New South Wales, California and Russia.
He is a full-time professional jouster. The largest tournament he attended was on the town square of Schaffhausen. It lasted ten days!

Sir Mike Canfor
He might be one of the newer participants to jousting but he has certainly earned his spurs. A life-long horseman he has a strong interest in the Iberian horse, and classical breeds in general. Mike obtained his first Lusitano in 2007.
He has participated in many traditional equestrian pursuits.
Mike also teaches mounted fencing techniques to equestrians with the aim of making the discipline more accessible and to increase awareness of it.

Sir Michael Sadde
Michael served in the French army as an infantry officer. After being injured on a misson he joined the French military horse riding academy in Paris, he retired after a total of 17 years of service.
In 2010, he created "the riders of history" to a group of 30 re-enactors and riders who reenacts various eras.
In 2013 he opened a jousting academy where he trains the wannabe knights to military riding, fencing and mounted combat.
Very keen of history and horses he now dedicates his life to promote re-enactment and is writing a thesis on historical riding of both XVth and XVIth centuries.

Sir Arne Koets
Arne has been jousting all over the world since 2002. He has run more historical solid lances than many of the famous jousters of the period.
On top of organising some ground breaking tournament events he is a highly prized dressage instructor, combining his marial arts and dancing background to teach riding from the seat.
Arne is one of the worlds leading proponents of mounted and armoured martial arts, hosting the Roßfechten symposium and Harnischfechtensymposium at his schloß and home in Germany.

Sir Daniel Calvert
Dan has been participating in medieval tournaments from the ageof 11, where he started as a squire for his brother. Dan has been a part of a medieval horse stunt team, and in 2010 joined Historic Equitation. He is the Knight Marshall for the majority of jousts held by Historic Equitation around the country and has travelled the world with them.
Dan jousts himself, flys falcons and hawks from horseback as well as participating in horsemanship displays.

The Knight Marshall

Mark Griffin
Your commentator for the Joust and Melee. Mark has been working in the heritage and entertainment industries for over 30 years, performing in countless live shows and productions in a variety of guises. He choreographs action sequences, gives demonstrations and lectures in a variety of subjects from food, social and military history to science, arms and armour and industry. He also organises and takes part in the jousting at The Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace.

Joust Commentator

Event Dates

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