Enjoy unique views of Alnwick Castle and the surrounding landscape on our Capability Walk.

For visitors who want to stretch their legs and enjoy a peaceful stroll during your time at Alnwick Castle, we hope you enjoy our newly-opened Capability Walk.

Click on the image above for a larger image of the map.

Open on selected dates only until the end of our 2020 season (please see below) Alnwick Castle will allow visitor access to the south bank of the River Aln below the castle's walls, an area known as Barneyside. Follow the marked route along our track and enjoy this relaxing one mile walk, which will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The Capability Walk features unique views of Alnwick Castle and some of the features of the stunning Capability Brown designed landscape to the north.

Appropriate outdoor walking footwear will be required as the path can be muddy in places. We regret that the walk is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Please note we are currently closing the entrance gate to the walk at 3:15pm due to the earlier closing times.

-- Opening Dates --
Monday 26th October
Tuesday 27th October
Wednesday 28th October
Thursday 29th October
Friday 30th October
Saturday 31st October
Sunday 1st November

-- Countryside Code --
In order to allow everyone to make the most of this walk and enjoy it to the full we ask that you take note of the following;
  1. Please stick to the marked one way route.
  2. Farm animals can be dangerous, especially if with young. Please treat them with respect.
  3. No dogs allowed.
  4. Use the gates provided and please close them behind you.
  5. Do not attempt to cross any cattle grids.
  6. Under no circumstances must fires be lit.
  7. Take your litter home. It can be dangerous for both farm animals and wildlife.
  8. Respect the environment. Please do not remove plants, trees and other items but leave them for all to enjoy.
  9. We reserve the right during certain times of the year to close the path for safety reasons or other works.