What better way to remember your day at Alnwick Castle than with a personalised photo booklet including digital copies, to both take home and share

A specially designed green screen photo capture point is located in the Alnwick Castle Guest Hall. You can choose from a number of hilarious or heroic scenes to be part of, which will commemorate your time at the castle for a lifetime. It’s free to have your photo taken and there is no obligation to purchase any photos if you don’t want to.

In addition to the green screen experience, we have a number of roaming photographers on site each day, ready to capture the action and the highlights of your visit.

How It Works

  1. Have your photo(s) taken and keep your barcode.
  2. Take your barcode to the Gift Shop or Green Screen area to view your photos.
  3. Pick your favourite images to print.
  4. Use the QR code on your receipt to view and download the digital copies of your photo package.

What You Can Buy

4 x Photo Souvenir Booklets with ALL captured digital images.
3 x Photo Souvenir Booklets with chosen digital images.
Photo Souvenir Booklets with chosen digital image.

Purchases can be made by the Green Screen in the Guest Hall or in the Alnwick Castle Gift Shop.

Data Protection

Your images will be held by Image Insight.
Image Insight takes data protection very seriously and your image(s) will not be shared with any 3rd party without your explicit consent. Your image(s) will be stored securely for 30 days from date of purchase and then deleted. To view Image Insight’s Privacy Statement, visit www.imageinsight.com/privacy