We are proud to introduce the newest addition to Alnwick Castle - and it's a blast from the past!
Our very own replica Napoleonic cannon has taken its place on the Gun Terrace - the spot where it would have been fired historically.  Crafted from bronze, the cannon is a firing replica of our historic British cannon, some of which can be seen on the Gun Terrace today.
First used on battlefields and defensively to protect castles, a cannon was a very effective means of attack. These powerful weapons were used to drive heavy cannonballs at the enemy, causing great devastation to armies and buildings alike.
Following the decline of their use in warfare, their role became primarily ceremonial.  Gun salutes have occurred at Alnwick Castle since at least the time of the 1st Duke; records show that in 1760, the Duke and Duchess were 'complimented by a discharge of cannon’.  
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience real life cannon fire as we bring this longstanding tradition back for your enjoyment.

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