Conservation work is taking place in the Library throughout the 2024 season. This is part of a long-term project for the State Rooms that has seen similar work in the Saloon, Drawing Room and Dining Room.
Scaffolding will be constructed within the Library to clean the carved wooden ceiling, which dates back to the mid-19th century. Work will take place on every level, caring for the balustrade, bookcases, fireplaces and floors.
While many items have been removed from the Library for the duration of the project, the room's 14,000 books have been protected in situ. This is far safer than relocating them all from the shelves. The chandelier, which originally hung in the Northumberland House in London, will also remain in place to be cleaned in situ.
A new lighting scheme will be installed to illuminate the bookcases and ceiling, and new silk wall coverings will be made to match the pattern and colour of those seen in the Ante Library next door. 
The recess of the room once included two marble medallion portraits of the 4th Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Removed over 50 years ago, they have been conserved and restored, and will be returning to the Library.
This process means that the Library, and its decorative features, are preserved for future generations.
On your visit to the State Rooms, the Library will have an open viewing area (may be closed at times for the health and safety of visitors) so you can see the conservation team at work! 

If you have any questions when you visit, our Guides will be happy to help.

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