The techniques needed to maintain and restore the historic Alnwick Castle will be put on show for visitors in a special heritage skills weekend, giving insights from the expert teams who keep the 950-year old castle in tip-top condition. 
The repair and maintenance of historic buildings requires specialist skills and typically includes maintaining as much of the original character and authenticity as possible, reproducing materials, and replicating traditional techniques. 
Visitors will get to experience the full range of construction methods used at Alnwick Castle including an interactive demonstration of medieval tile making, using replica tools and equipment and traditional materials and an insight into the hidden meanings of medieval tile designs and images. 
In addition to learning about the history of the site, visitors will be able to try their hand at the restoration of historic properties using modern techniques, including stone cutting and lime mortar repointing. 
Also joining us for the weekend is Company of Artisans to showcase their expertise on castle construction during the 14th century. Using authentic tools and equipment you'll learn techniques used to build a medieval castle from first designs and drawings through to carved stone.


All activies are included with your general admission ticket. Please check What's On board when you arrive as timings may be subject to change.

Event Dates

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