With a hilarious blend of comedy, TRICKERY, fire-eating and sword-juggling, Zooted never fail to entertain and amaze.

Harking back to days of old when court jesters would entertain the lords and ladies of aristocratic and royal households, Zooted come from a time when comedy was uncomplicated and the comedians were...simple! Where chivalry was the order of the day and the knights fought each other to keep it that way!

11th - 14th April
7th - 8th July
19 - 22nd July
29th July - 2nd August
10th - 12th August
17th - 19th August
8th - 9th September

Audience participation is loudly encouraged, and they may even pick a willing 'volunteer' or two from any nearby peasants...

"Having a laugh at the jesters today... Surprised how good they were!"

This event is free with admission; check times and location on arrival.

Event Dates

The event is taking place on dates highlighted in red.