Join our resident wizards and take part in one of our famous Broomstick Training sessions in the grounds where Harry had his first flying lesson in the film production of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
With expert guidance, you shall be taught the basics of mastering a broomstick. Practice your mount and dismount before learning to curve and manoeuvre at great speeds!
When do lessons take place?
Lessons occur at intervals throughout the day weather permitting. Please check the 'What's On' board on arrival for specific timings on the day of your visit.  Lessons last approximately 25 minutes.
Whilst we believe you're never too old to learn to fly, Broomstick Training tickets are prioritised for visitors aged 6 to 16 years. If you are above this age group and would like to take part, please speak to the staff member distributing the tickets and they will be able to advise whether you can be accommodated. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture evidence of you and your levitating broomstick to amaze your family and friends back home!
Alnwick Castle reserves the right to alter any part of its programme. Please call in advance for more information on your visit, or check our ‘What’s on’ board on arrival to check timings on the day.

How to take part

Sessions are free with your entry ticket, but require a free time-slot ticket.  Tickets are available from either the broomstick arena or Artisan's Courtyard, our staff will be able to advise on your arrival.  You will be provided with a timeslot ticket for your lesson, please keep this safe as you will need to show this to the Professor at the start of your lesson. 
Broomstick Training is extremely popular and tickets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limited number of spaces available for each lesson. Staff will distribute a maximum of 8 tickets per visiting group per session. We are particularly limited during peak times of the year such as school holidays. We recommend collecting your tickets as soon as you arrive to try and avoid disappointment.
During peak times of our season (such as school holidays) tickets are reserved quickly. We will be prioritising tickets for visitors ages 6 to 16 years and ask that you only take tickets if you can attend the time-slot. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your session the professors will invite those without a ticket to take part.

What to expect during your lesson

The biggest thing you can expect, is to have lots of fun! Our expert wizarding Professors enjoy a good giggle and we find that you learn better when you are enjoying yourself too, so feel free to laugh along with them (or at them!).
Lessons will take place in the outdoor classroom set up on the Outer Bailey*. Please only arrive for your lesson at the time stated on your tickets, and only those with a valid ticket will be able to enter the outdoor classroom.
Once you have completed the lesson, you will be able to take photos of your take-off to amaze your friends and family. How to do it is a closely guarded wizarding secret, but for all those who pass the training, our professors will reveal all... Once you have your pictures, make sure to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

*location subject to change, please check with a member of staff when you collect your tickets

Safety first

As Broomstick Training takes place outdoors, the activity is weather permitting. If our runway becomes too wet and slippery, for safety reasons lessons will not be able to take place.