This summer, Alnwick Castle invites you to discover the history and magic of the castle at our brilliant events, from the mysteries of the medieval world, to insightful historical book talks, there's something for everyone.

Whether you're passionate about history, literature, or simply looking for enchanting experiences, Alnwick Castle's summer events promise to leave a lasting impression. Mark your calendars and embark on an adventure like no other at one of England's most iconic castles. 

What’s On at Alnwick Castle

This summer, Alnwick Castle is set to play host to some incredible events that promise to enchant and captivate visitors of all ages, from things to do in Northumberland for families to days out for adults.

Book Talk with Annie Garthwaite at Alnwick Castle


We're thrilled to announce the visit of Annie Garthwaite, a renowned author, to Alnwick Castle on Tuesday 9th July. Annie’s visit coincides with the week that her much anticipated new novel, The King’s Mother, publishes across the UK. 


Following the success of her first novel, Cecily, named as ‘top pick’ by Sunday Times and Times, in addition to ‘Best Book of 2021’ by Waterstones, we are delighted to welcome Annie to Alnwick Castle, to tell us more about her latest book.


Following the history of the War of the Roses to the beginning of the Tudor period, The King’s Mother, shares the story of this defining time through the eyes of the important female figures who helped to shape it, including Cecily Neville, the King’s Mother, Marguerite of Anjou, Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort. 


Be some of the first people to hear stories from The King’s Mother, by making sure to book your ticket to this event,today.


Longbow Demonstrations With Alnwick Castle’s Master Archer


Ever wondered what it takes to wield a longbow like a true medieval archer? Join us for an unforgettable experience as Alnwick Castle’s Master Archer showcases the art of longbow archery. Learn about the history of this iconic weapon and even try your hand at hitting the bullseye under expert guidance.


Our longbow experiences are free with admission to the castle, taking place throughout the day in our inner Bailey archery area during the summer on from the 6th - 9th July and the 19th - 22nd August. Make sure to take a look at our What’s On board upon arrival to plan when you will master your archery skills. 


Medieval Life With The Company of Artisans 


Explore the vibrant world of medieval craftsmanship with The Company of Artisans. Watch skilled artisans demonstrate traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of medieval life as you wander through our artisan market. Enjoy finding out about medieval crafts at Alnwick Castle from the 27th - 30th July. 

Tom Foolery with Tom Fool 


Prepare to be entertained by the antics of Tom Fool, the castle’s resident jester! With his quick wit and comedic charm, Tom Fool is sure to keep you laughing as he performs tricks, tells tales, and engages in all sorts of medieval mischief. Tom is bringing merriment to the castle in July and August. Take a look at our What’s On page to plan your visit for when you and your little ones can enjoy the fun and mischief brought to Alnwick Castle by Tom Fool. 


Raphael Falconry and Their Birds of Prey


Experience the thrill of falconry with Raphael Falconry and their majestic birds of prey. Marvel at the agility and grace of these magnificent creatures as they soar through the sky. Learn about the role of falconry in medieval and Tudor times, and witness firsthand the bond between falconer and bird. Raphael Falconry and their beautiful birds of prey join us at the castle throughout the summer months, sharing more about medieval history during the War of The Roses from the 6th - 12th July, royal Tudor history on the 30th July through to the 2nd August and medieval falconry from the 28th - 31st August. Make sure to book your tickets to Alnwick Castle online, paying for the day and being able to visit for a year with your ticket, which means you don’t have to miss any of Raphael Falconry’s demonstrations this summer. 


Rosa Mundi’s Medieval Encampment


Step into a medieval encampment and immerse yourself in the daily life of knights, ladies, and peasants. From authentic period tents to demonstrations of medieval cooking and combat, Rosa Mundi’s encampment offers a fascinating glimpse into Medieval life. Soak up the atmosphere of their medieval encampment for yourself as Rosa Mundi joins us here at Alnwick Castle on the 3rd and 4th August and over the August bank holiday weekend in Northumberland from the 24th - 26th August. 

Medieval Music From Trouvere


Let the enchanting melodies of Trouvère transport you to the medieval courts of yore. With a repertoire of traditional songs and instruments, this talented ensemble will serenade you with the music of the Middle Ages, creating an atmosphere of magic and wonder in the walls of Alnwick Castle. Trouvere brings the sounds of its sweet medieval music to the castle from the 20th - 23rd July and the 6th- 9th August, so make sure to book your tickets online to see their performances for yourself. 

Tastes Through Time


Embark on a new journey of discovery at Alnwick Castle, finding out more about food and crafts through the ages with Tastes Through Time. From medieval food to crafts and the skills of the medieval people, find out more about medieval life with Tastes Through Time. The Tastes Through Time experiences include traditional craft demonstrations, skills and costumes from the medieval period. Enjoy their experiences here at Alnwick Castle on the 27th and 28th July, located within our inner bailey. 

Mark Vance Tudor Barber Surgeon

Discover more about theTudor period with our Tudor barber surgeon Mark Vance, our resident expert. Learn about the fascinating world of Tudor medicine and grooming as Mark demonstrates traditional barbering and surgical techniques. From haircuts to bloodletting, discover the dual role of the barber surgeon in Tudor society.

At Alnwick Castle, history isn’t just something you read about – it’s an experience to be lived and enjoyed. Join us from the 23rd - 25th July and on the 30th and 31st July for our Tudor barber surgeon events held within our inner bailey.

Pearl in The Egg


Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerising performances of Pearl in the Egg historical musicians. Renowned for their ability to bring history to life through music, this celebrated ensemble specialises in medieval melodies. From the harp to bone flutes, the talented musicians of Pearl in the Egg will bring the sweet sounds of medieval music to Alnwick Castle from the 27th - 30th August. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of music, or simply someone who appreciates the magic of the past, Pearl in the Egg promises an unforgettable musical experience.


The Tudor Songbook Performance at Alnwick Castle


Discover a concert like no other, with the Tudor Songbook performance held within the historic castle walls of Alnwick Castle. Enjoy music from our costumed performers, wearing authentic Tudor costumes, as they perform vocal duets and melodies on the lute. 


Delight in music dating back 500 years, that would have been enjoyed in the royal court of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. 


Music performances will run at 11.30, 1.30 and 3.30 from the 25th - 28th July within the Guest Hall and Roaming Castle Grounds. For more information about what’s on each day at Alnwick Castle, make sure to check our what’s on board upon your arrival.

Acclaimed Historian and Book Author - Ian Mortimer


We are delighted to announce the author and historian Ian Mortimer, will be visiting Alnwick Castle on 29th August 2024 to talk about two of his new book "Medieval Horizons: Why the Middle Ages Matter". 


Ian will be sharing more about the Medieval people's horizons - their knowledge, experience and understanding of the world. Focusing on the dramatic changes to life between 1000 and 1600, as they mark the transition from a warrior-led society to that of William Shakespeare.


Following his talk, Ian will answer questions from the audience and will be signing copies of Medieval Horizons.


Purchase tickets to Ian’s book talk today.

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