Downton Abbey, the beloved British television series, has enthralled viewers both in the UK and around the world, immersing them in the aristocratic Crawley family's story set within their country home, filmed at Highclere Castle. 


Renowned for its iconic storyline and star studded cast, the Downton Abbey series utilises an array of magnificent locations, including Alnwick Castle.


Whether you're a devoted fan of the series or just seeking a grand day out in Northumberland, read on to discover more about the filming of Downton Abbey at Alnwick Castle

Was any of Downton Abbey filmed at Alnwick Castle?


Alnwick Castle was one of many historic filming locations across the UK used by film crews and actors of the Downton Abbey series. 


When was Downton Abbey filmed at Alnwick Castle?


During the months of July and August 2014, the team of actors and production staff from the show had a busy schedule filming at the castle.


Alnwick Castle was revisited once again by the cast and film crew of the Downton Abbey series in July 2015 with filming taking place for the second time. 


Which episode of Downton Abbey was filmed at Alnwick Castle?


The magic of Alnwick Castle was used in the filming for scenes of the Downton Abbey episode ‘A Moorland Holiday’ for the fifth series finale. 


Acting as ‘Brancaster Castle’ that the Crawley family visit for a weekend grouse shooting and meeting the in-laws of main character Lady Rose Aldridge, Alnwick Castle takes centre stage as the venue for this dramatic episode. 


Alnwick Castle was later featured as a filming location, acting once again as ‘Brancaster Castle’, for the final episode of series 6 aired on Christmas day in 2015. 


Which locations were used to film Downton Abbey at Alnwick Castle?


The filming of Downton Abbey at the castle saw extensive use of the magnificent State Rooms, the picture perfect castle grounds, as well as at the partially ruined Hulne Abbey. 


The later filming that took place in July 2015 used once again the grandeur of the State Rooms for scenes of this concluding episode, in addition to including the iconic Alnwick Castle ramparts as the focal point of scenes with dialogue between key characters Lady Mary Crawley and the Earl of Grantham, played by Laura Carmichael and Hugh Bonneville. 



Visit Alnwick Castle where Downton Abbey was filmed


Amidst the grandeur of Alnwick Castle's historic walls, the captivating world of Downton Abbey came to life as cameras rolled and actors stepped into their iconic roles. 


You too can step in the footsteps of famous Downton Abbey actors including Lily James and Michelle Dockery, and feel like you are Lady Mary Crawley or Robert Crawley Earl of Grantham on your visit to Alnwick Castle.


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