We are delighted to welcome medical historian and TikTok sensation Dr Suzie Edge to Alnwick Castle on Friday 20th October to speak about her new book Vital Organs: A History of the World's Most Famous Body Parts.



From Van Gogh's ear and Marie Antoinette's teeth to Queen Victoria's armpit and Marie Curie's bone marrow, the book brings together the remarkable stories of body parts that have made history.
Across human history, bodies have been torn apart, experimented on or taken home to display as trophies. Body parts have been used for propaganda in wars and pulled off as punishment. They've answered medical mysteries, been turned into relics and even saved lives. The book uses these stories to deliver a history of the world's most notable limbs, organs, and appendages.

Suzie Edge describes herself as a "medical doc/historian mashup" who specialises in "gory tales of human body history". She posts regularly on her TikTok channel to nearly 400,000 followers. Vital Organs is her second book; her first, Mortal Monarchs, tracked British history through the strange and often gruesome deaths of its kings and queens.


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