Put on your most enchanting robes, summon your favourite wand and come meet the characters likened to those from the magical world of Harry Potter!

Experience a theatrical and comical performance like no other, delivered by one skilful wizarding professor and an outrageously defiant and curious young apprentice at his helm.

This magnificent duo will have your sides splitting (and fully repaired after the finale of course!) with their mischievous tomfoolery.

Inspired by the enchanting world of Harry Potter, and the film productions which have graced Alnwick Castle, Potter Inspired Characters presents a wonderful blend of spellbinding sorcery, slapstick comedy and occasional mischief!

So where better to enjoy this fun filled family entertainment than the location of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry itself?

Potter Inspired Characters theatrical performances will be held on multiple dates throughout the season including; 

14th – 19th April (As part of the Easter Holidays programme)
23rd May - 25th May
18th July - 22nd July
24th August – 31st August (As part of the Wizarding Week programme)

These brilliantly amusing spectacles are free with admission, so why not come and experience a sprinkling of magic at Alnwick Castle this season! For show timings and locations, please check the ‘What’s On’ board upon arrival to Alnwick Castle as these can vary throughout the season.

***Disclaimer - Please note that this event is not associated with or endorsed by Warner Bros. or J.K.Rowling***

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"It was amazing! The lookalikes looked so good and were really nice posing for photos. "

Costumed witches and wizards especially welcome!

This event is free with admission to Alnwick Castle! Please check performance times and locations upon arrival and please note that characters may change.

Event Dates

The event is taking place on dates highlighted in red.