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30 Oct 2016 - 30 Mar 2017

Alnwick Castle will reopen on 31st March 2017


History of Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle has undergone many changes and restorations over the centuries, from a simple motte and bailey arrangement nearly 1,000 years ago to the palatial family home it is today.

Eras of the castle's uses and restorations

The Early Centuries

There has been a castle on the site at Alnwick for 1,000 years. Learn about its origins as a more simple motte and bailey.

The Baileys

The castle's keep is surrounded by two vast baileys and towers which have had a variety of interesting uses.

The Keep

The keep was the very heart of the castle, complete with kitchen, chambers, dining room, and even a dungeon.

18th Century Restorations

Learn about how the disused military garrison was transformed into a luxury 18th century residence.

19th Century Restorations

Transformation of the State Rooms into lavish Italianate style and the re-medievalising of the castle's exterior.

The Present Day

Alnwick Castle is still the home of the present Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, opening its doors to visitors for seven months of the year.

The castle comprises of a variety of areas which have had many fascinating uses over the centuries. Learn more about them here.