Broomstick Training

31 Mar - 29 Oct 2017

Free with admission

Come fly with us at Alnwick Castle!

Join our resident wizarding professors and take part in one of our famous broomstick training sessions, on the very spot where Harry had his first flying lesson in the film production of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Master your broomstick and don't forget to take a picture of your take-off to amaze your friends! 


When? Sessions take place daily at intervals - check the What's On board for times on arrival, as times vary each day.
Where? Sessions take place outside (and therefore are weather permitting)
How much? It's free with admission!
Do I need an extra ticket? If you are visiting on a weekend or school holiday you will need to collect a free time-slot ticket on arrival from our professors in Knight's Quest.

Broomstick training is popular and the tickets are very limited. They tend to be all given out very early in the day, so we recommend going straight to Knight's Quest on arrival to collect them.
How long? The sessions are approximately 20 minutes long.
Can adults also take part? Of course! There is no age limit for broomstick training.


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Free with admission

Broomstick wizards

"We did the broomstick lessons and it was absolutely hilarious! Can't wait to come back. Thank you for a wonderful day."

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Broomstick Training