Hear Alnwick Castle’s wall ring once again with the sounds of clashing steel in this gripping performance of epic proportions.

Witness the drama, pageantry and passion as two armoured knights invoke the ancient right of Trial by Combat. Commonly applied by the medieval judiciary system, Trial by Combat was a method which settled accusations in the absence of witnesses or used to resolve legal disputes- in which the victor would be proclaimed to be right.

Employing years of historical combat expertise, as well as fighting styles extracted directly from original 15th Century manuscripts, this Trial by Combat performance is breathtakingly enjoyable and an accurate portrayal of chivalry in a medieval context.

Cheer on either Sir Lewis or Sir Jay as these two highly skilled knights battle one another in single combat. These duelling gentlemen fight using a range of deadly weapons produced from their own armoury.

These brave knights from the performance troupe Dressed to Kill will return to Alnwick Castle between the 26th – 29th May.

This terrific and fun filled family entertainment of fighting knights is free with admission to Alnwick Castle! Please check the ‘What’s On’ board upon arrival for timings and locations, as these can vary throughout the season.

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