Meet Doctor John Greene, the (allegedly...) celebrated medieval alchemist, with lots of peculiar apparatus and bizarre materials!

The 9th Earl of Northumberland (1585-1632) was particularly fascinated by alchemy, the study of how to turn base materials into gold and the pursuit of the creation of the Philosopher's Stone.

30th March - 3rd April
13th - 17th August
22nd - 28th October

We are therefore delighted to welcome Doctor John Greene to the castle, to amaze us with his alchemical experiments and the art of this medieval science.

Will he be able to turn dragon's blood into gold? Will he blow up Artisans Courtyard? Is he scientist, magician, swindler or madman?

This event is free with admission. Activities may vary and will take place in Artisans Courtyard.

Event Dates

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