11th - 19th August

An entertaining cast of characters show you what life was really like in the Middle Ages, from skilled artisans and expert falconers to artful jesters and a frankly inexplicable alchemist!

Explore the bustling marketplace of Artisan's Courtyard and try your hand at medieval craft-making, guided by our accomplished artisans. 

Master the art of maille weaving and produce some protective armour fit for a knight!

Encounter peculiar apparatus, bizarre materials and viscous substances with Dr. John Greene, the most celebrated medieval alchemist... allegedly! Be captivated by his whacky experiments and wonder is he a scientist, swindler or lunatic?

Witness thrilling displays of falconry and discover more about this subtle art, as well as their use in the Middle Ages. 

Experience fun-filled entertainment with our Royal jesters Zooted. This daft duo delight audiences with their hilarious blend of comedy, trickery and mischief! 

These events are free with admission to Alnwick Castle, so don't delay in setting a date in your diary! Come and observe the intricacies of medieval life in one of England's most authentic environments.

Event Dates

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