30th June - 1st July

Fans of history rejoice! A battle is coming to Alnwick castle – one that pits one of history’s finest commanders against a hometown force.

See the forces of Napoleon’s La Grande Armée arrive to storm Alnwick Castle, defended only by Durham’s Light Infantry and the PTV. Witness history first-hand with this faithful re-enactment, which is a must for both history buffs and families alike.

The event is included free with your admission to the castle, so don’t miss out! Set the date in your diary and come and see what the skill, discipline and tactics that made Napoleon famous – or support the home side and cheer on Durham’s renowned regiment. 

About Napoleon’s Army
Napoleon Bonaparte is one of history’s most famous figures – a statesman turned emperor who led the French to victory after victory as he expanded his empire and ruled over continental Europe until its collapse in 1815. His genius and tactics were instrumental in each victory – and his army was one of the finest ever assembled. 

About Durham Light Infantry
The Durham Light Infantry, which began as the 68th Regiment Of Foot, was founded in 1758 and fought in battles that includes the Seven Year’s War, Crimean War and New Zealand. The 68th Regiment of Foot became the 1st Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry in 1881 and then served in the Second Boer War, WWI and WWII.
Cheer the finest soldiers of Durham on as they fight to repel the French invaders!
See history first-hand when you witness Napoleonic skirmish at Alnwick Castle from the 30th of June until the 1st of July.

Napoleonic Skirmish! will commence from 3pm, with live firing displays at 11am and 1pm.

Event Dates

The event is taking place on dates highlighted in red.