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Discover the stories of bravery and loss experienced by the Northumberland fusiliers, learn about the fascinating archeological artifacts in the Castle museums and delve into the extraordinary life of Harry Hotspur, the legendary medieval knight   

Northumberland Fusiliers

Explore the history of the Northumberland Fusiliers.  Discover what it’s like to be a soldier, put on the uniform, fire a Vickers machine gun or march with the band!

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and our supporters, the museum has recently completed a redevelopment project.  The new displays tell the stories of soldiers and their families, from recruitment to veterans and remembrance.  Thematic displays of remarkable and thought-provoking objects and archive material mean that there is something for everyone – well worth a visit!
If you discover a Northumberland Fusilier in your family history please visit our website to see how you can find out more. 
 Visit www.northumberlandfusiliers.org.uk for more information

Castle Museum

Founded by the 4th Duke of Northumberland in 1826, the Castle Museum was intended to promote the study of the archaeology of the North and he surrounded himself with the keenest and best-informed minds for that purpose. Archaeological finds continue to be added to the collection.

The Castle Museum, opened to the public in 1826, played a significant part in the 3rd Duke's scheme of restoration.It was the Duke's intention to promote the serious study of archaeology of the North and he surrounded himself with the keenest and best informed minds for that purpose.Under the Duke's patronage, important investigations and digs were undertaken; the number of artefects increased through his own enthusiastic collecting and purchasing, and the process of cataloguing the collection was begun.

Constable's Tower

Currently Closed for refurbishment, re-opening summer 2017