Alnwick Castle is used to transforming itself into Hogwarts and other fantastical places. The combination of stunning scenery, a sense of history and a magical atmosphere makes it a truly unique location. For the latest Dungeons and Dragons film, the castle was turned into Neverwinter. Here's the lowdown on the D&D filming at Alnwick Castle, one of the most recent appearances of Alnwick Castle on screen.


D&D background: what was Dungeons and Dragons based on?


The 2023 Dungeons & Dragons film brings the iconic tabletop role-playing game (RPG) to life. First published in 1974, D&D has been through numerous incarnations, including video games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter, and a trilogy of movies.

Set in a world where magic is part of nature, the original RPG sees players take on the roles of Artificers, Bards, Wizards, and more. The latest movie, Honor Among Thieves, is directly based on the Forgotten Realms campaign and features several familiar characters, including a barbarian, a paladin, and a sorcerer named Simon.

Packed with action, adventure and comedy, it’s like Game of Thrones meets Princess Bride, according to star Chris Pine. Other stars include Michelle Rodrigez of The Fast and the Furious fame and Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page, who caused quite a buzz when he filmed his scenes at Alnwick Castle!

Where did they film Dungeons and Dragons in 2023?


Although Honour Among Thieves was released in 2023, movie production is a long process. This means filming needed to take place long before the DnD movie release date — mostly throughout 2021.

The new Dungeons & Dragons film was shot on locations in Iceland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. The seaside shots were filmed on the spectacular Causeway Coast, while Wells Cathedral stood in for Lord Neverember’s chamber. 

The geography of the UK lends itself perfectly to creating the mysticism and magic of the Dungeons & Dragons realm. In fact, some of the DnD filming locations are so awesome it's hard to believe it's not CGI! Other fantastic sites used in the film include the 50m tall Dún Briste Sea Stack and the mystical Bourne Woods, where Druid Doric undergoes an astonishing transformation.

Filming D&D at Alnwick Castle


In D&D lore, Neverwinter is known as the Jewel of the North, so what better location than one of Britain’s most iconic castles? Filming at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland started in May 2021 in various areas of the castle and grounds.


To begin with, the crew rapidly transformed the Outer Bailey into the mythical Neverwinter with banners, tents, Medieval-style costumes and horses. Then, in the film, the bard Edgin, played by Chris Pine, enters through the famous Lion Arch.


The Outer Bailey will be familiar to all Harry Potter fans — it's where Harry first learns to fly a broomstick in The Philosopher’s Stone. But in the Dungeons and Dragons film, it has an entirely different look and feel as part of the D&D universe. 

The movie used various locations around the grounds and castle, including the stunning Lion's Bridge accessed by the Peth and the woodland area outside the south entrance.

Which Dungeons & Dragons film scenes were shot at Alnwick Castle?


The Outer Bailey is used in scenes set in the cosmopolitan and bustling city of Neverwinter, and you can see the Lion Arch in the background as the thieves arrive. 


Additionally, the wooded area around the south entrance to the castle was used for some of the establishing shots of the thieves' camp. 


The meeting of the Red Wizard Sofina, played by Daisy Head, with Drayan assassin Dralas, played by Jason Wong, takes place at the Lion Bridge. During filming, several smoke machines created an eerie and mystical atmosphere, cloaking the River Aln in fake mist. It's the perfect setting for them to exchange their secret plans.

Visit Alnwick Castle and step into Neverwinter


Hogwarts, Neverwinter, or Castle Folgan - you never know what awaits you when you visit Alnwick Castle. To plan your visit, check for opening times and prices, then book online and step into the magic of Neverwinter.


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