Is there a spookier way to spend Halloween than at an 11th century castle that’s considered one of England’s most haunted? Join us for a week of spook-tacular halloween events in Northumberland’s Alnwick Castle, where families can venture on ghastly ghost and fang-tastic bat trails.  
Over the years, scary sightings of strange figures have been spotted creeping through Alnwick Castle’s grounds. Who was the Vampire of Alnwick? What happened when the Earl of Northumberland met a grisly Tudor death? And did a Georgian duchess really visit a ghost? Join our storytellers for an exclusive set of Spooky Spotlight Talks and find out!
Our Halloween events blend spooky stories and fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. Not only will everyone love getting stuck into our gruesome theme, they’ll also adore delving into Alnwick Castle’s important role in North East history.
Explore our spine-tingling events below and choose from a range of dates throughout half term. Interested in the nice side of Alnwick Castle too? We have family friendly events running throughout the year, including our beloved broomstick training. 
Halloween Events 

Back in Tudor times, pots filled with all sorts of nasties - like hair and fingernails - were hidden around houses to fend off evil spirits and protect against witchcraft. These were called ‘Witch Pots’. Why not gear up for Halloween and learn how to make one yourself? 
There’s no better setting to listen to ghost stories in than our very own Alnwick Castle. Hear all the terrible tales, myths and legends of the castle in the grand State Dining Room!
Did you know that back in Medieval times, barbers didn’t just deal with hair? They also dealt with blood-letting, leeching and teeth extraction! Watch as our very own Medieval Barber Surgeon shares his gory stories and demonstrations. 
Make your own potions and get ready to cast some spells this Halloween with the help of Alnwick Castle’s Medieval Alchemist. You’ll soon see why the 9th Earl of Northumberland was fascinated with alchemy.