Step into the eerie walls of Northumberland's Alnwick Castle, an 11th-century fortress renowned as one of England's most haunted destinations. Join us for a week of spine-tingling Halloween events that will be sure to send shivers down your spine. 


Throughout the centuries, Alnwick Castle has played host to chilling sightings of spectral figures roaming its ancient grounds, including the terrifying Vampire of Alnwick


Ghostly stories of Alnwick’s inhabitants include tales of the grim fate that befell the Earl of Northumberland during the Tudor era, to the spooky encounter a Georgian duchess may have had with a ghostly apparition. 


This Halloween, prepare to be captivated by our storytellers as they unravel these mysterious tales during our exclusive Spooky Spotlight Talks.


Our Halloween events seamlessly blend spooky narratives with entertaining activities, suitable for the entire family. As you immerse yourself in the ghoulish goings on at the castle, you'll also gain insights into the significant role Alnwick played  in the history of Northumberland. Discover some of the spook-tacular events we have in store below!


Are you looking to experience the magic of Alnwick Castle too? Don't worry – we offer exciting family-friendly events, including our dragon quest for the most daring of princesses and knights, as well as the magic of our beloved broomstick training in the same spot where Harry Potter himself learnt to fly! Join us for an unforgettable family day out in Northumberland and journey into the realm of all things spooky this Halloween.

 Halloween Events 


The Almost-True Story of the Alnwick Vampire


Prepare yourself for the spine-chilling tale of the Alnwick Vampire. Once a resident, he defied death to terrorise the town, and 900 years later, his tale is still being retold.


Our medieval storytellers embark on a harrowing quest to revisit the frightening legend of the Alnwick Vampire. Will they thwart his sinister intentions before he turns the tables on them? Enjoyable for all visitors, this interactive short play is packed with laughter, suspense and the opportunity for the audience to get stuck in.


The recounting of the story of the Alnwick Vampire will be performed daily from Friday the 13th October and lasts for around 15-20 minutes. 

A Knight’s Trail


An unarmored knight is a vulnerable knight, and that’s no use to anyone! Join us on a new adventure through the castle grounds this October, as we assist our valiant knight in recovering his scattered armour pieces. Your support is crucial in ensuring he's fully equipped from head to toe, to safeguard the castle in battle.


Not only is this quest great fun for all the family, but it’s also great for kids who want to learn all about how knights stayed safe in battle. Grab your trail sheets upon arrival at the castle, and may fortune favour your quest!

Medieval Barber Surgeon 


Medieval barbers were a multi-talented bunch, not only dealing with hair, but also blood-letting, leeching and tooth extraction, they were a one-stop shop for all your ailments. Why not see for yourself, and listen to our Medieval Barber Surgeon tell gory stories, discover the truth about the Black Death, and watch his demonstrations using authentic tools of the trade.

Join our Barber Surgeon on 20-24th October for some blood, guts, and gore!

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