From the small screen to the silver screen, the UK has been the backdrop to many of our favourite TV shows and films — and it’s easy to see why . The UK is home to rugged coastlines, ancient castles, grand stately homes, rolling countryside, bustling cities a nd picture - perfect towns and villages.

From the backdrops of period drama s to high - octane action movies , here are the top ten filming locations in the UK that have been chosen by directors time and time again.

1) Alnwick Castle

From witchcraft and wizardry to Autobots and Decepticons, our very own Alnwick Castle is a popular filming location in the UK.

The castle is perhaps best known for featuring in both Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Visitors may recognise the Outer Bailey as the very spot where Harry and co. had their broomstick flying lessons, or the Inner Bailey where Harry and Ron crashed the Weasleys' flying car. Today, guests to the castle can experience the magic of Harry Potter with their own broomstick training lesson.

Other silver screen appearances for Alnwick Castle include Transformers: The Last Knight. Some of our more unusual visitors joined us back in September 2016, as iconic Transformers vehicles Bumblebee and Hot Rod arrived at the castle to shoot scenes with Hollywood actors Mark Wahlberg and Sir Anthony Hopkins. The Library, Inner Bailey, Lion Bridge, Bowburn and many exterior shots of the cast le feature in the movies.

Off the silver screen, Alnwick Castle has featured in many TV shows, including the ever - popular Downton Abbey. Fans of the show will spot the castle’s State Rooms in some of the later series’, specifically the series five Christmas special, and also the final ever episode.

2) Hatfield House

Hatfield House” by Paul Hudson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Dark comedy The Favourite recently took the world by storm, racking up widespread critical acclaim and scooping 10 Oscar nominations, seven BAFTA awards and 10 B ritish Independent Film Awards. While much of the recognition surrounded the film’s cinematography, actresses Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz earned awards for their performances.

Much of the movie was filmed at Hatfield House, a Jacobean property located in Hertfordshire. It was the size and grandeur of the house that inspired director Yorgos Lanthimos, who visualised lonely characters in expansive spaces.

Not only does Hatfield House provide a backdrop for much of the movie, the floor of the Great Hall actually inspired the colour palette for the entire movie too.

3) Old Royal Naval College

Painted Hall’ by Maciek Lulko is l icensed under CC BY 2.0.

While some of the British film locations included in our list have been host to just a few movies and TV shows, the Old Royal Naval College in London is the exception.

Movies have been shot at this iconic London buildin g since 1958 and a full list of movies can be found on the official website.

The college’s Painted Hall has welcomed many Holl ywood greats on - set, including Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, and Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. The hall also featured in the 2015 Disney classic movie Cinderella.

Other areas of the building will also be familiar to film fans. In Thor: The Dark World during the final battle, a spaceship crashed into the lower grand square, causing considerable damage to the building — which was thankfully only CGI!

4) Bourne Woods

Popular Slope for Movies, Bourne Wood” by Tim Sheerman - Chase is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

So far, the other UK filming locations in our list have been buildings however, Bourne Wood has been the backdrop for many blockbuster movies over the years.

Bourne Woods is perhaps best known for its inclusion in 2000’s hit film Gladiator. The opening battle of the film was shot in the woods and the movie itself is largely accredited with accelerating the popularity of the woods as a filming location.

Subsequent years have seen a host of movies and TV shows filming in the woods, including Avengers: Age of Ultron — where the opening car chase scene was filmed — Snow White and the Huntsman, Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince and Wonder Woman.

The woods is reportedly chosen by producers and directors thanks to its close links to central London film studios and the spacing of the trees which maximises natural light.

5) Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House” by Belkin59 is licensed under CC BY - SA 2.0.

With grounds totalling 35,000 acres, Chatsworth House comprises of a magnificent stately home a nd picture - perfect wooded areas. So it’s not surprising it has become a popular film location in the UK, particularly with period dramas.

Chatsworth House is most recognisable from its appearance in Pride and Prejudice. In fact, Chatsworth House’s connection with Jane Austen’s has come full circle over the years. In the original novel, the stately home was named as one of the estates Elizabeth Bennett visited on route to Pemberley. Fast - forward to the 2005 film adaptation featuring Keira Knightley and Chatsworth House was used as the filming location for Pemberley.

Outside of Pride and Prejudice, the stately home and grounds have featured in many other period films and TV shows, including 2008’s The Duchess and the 2016 TV series The Crown.

6) Lacock

~ lacock village ~ ” by shrinkin’violet is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

For TV and film directors looking for a quaint, picturesque British village, the small village of Lacock is a popular choice, featuring on TV and the silver screen alike.

You may recognise Lacock from the TV, as it featured in Cranford and Downton Abbey. Featuring in the final series of Downton Abbey, this usually quiet village was transformed by the cast and crew. Church Street was transformed into a livestock market, with sheeps, pigs and even a bull joining the cast.

From the world of cinema, Harry Potter fans may recognise the village of Lacock from the Harry Potter film franchise. Harry Potter’s childhood home can be found at the end of Church Street, while Lacock Abbey was use d to film many Hogwarts scenes.

For more information about Lacock’s appearance in Harry Potter and the other filming locations used in the movies, take a look at our dedicated page.

7) Portobello Road

Colorful houses in Portobello Road” by Mario Sanchez Prada is licensed under CC BY - SA 2.0.

As a popular London tourist attraction, it’s easy to see why so many directors are keen to film at Portobello Road. The brightly - coloured buildings are now iconic and have featured in infamous films, including Notting Hill. Pay a visit to the street and find yourself wandering in the footsteps of Hugh Grant’s character, William Thacker, as you explore the bustling market.

Portobello Road also feat ured in the Paddington and Paddington 2 movies. Visiting Portobello Road is a favourite pa stime for this much - loved bear who likes to drive a hard bargain, so of course the iconic street featured in the movie adaptations.

The Italian Job also has roots in Portobello Road; Charlie Croker’s cunning plan was devised in a flat next door to Alice’s Antiques, which still stands today.

8) Castle Howard

Castle Howard” by plumandjello is licensed under CC BY - SA 2.0.

Castle Howard, located in North Yorkshire, has its own ties to the world of TV and film. The building and its grounds are perhaps most noticeable from its role as Brideshead in the 1981 production Brideshead Revisited, and again in the 2008 remake.

Acros s both productions, a host of acting stars filmed on the set, including Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson and Laurence Olivier. The castle currently has an exhibition dedicated to its appearance in Brideshead Revisted.

More recently, Castle Howard has featured on the smaller screen as Pemberley in the BBC’s production of Death Comes To Pemberley in 2013. Likewise, scenes for ITV’s Victoria were also shot at the castle, with interiors shots used to mimic the interiors of Kensington Palace in the show.

9) Botallack Mine

Botallack Mine” by Chris Lovelock is licens ed under CC BY 2.0.

Botallack Mine is a relatively new UK filming location, which recently featured on our TV screens as part of BBC drama Poldark. Despite only making its on - screen debut a few years ago, the mine has a long - standing history.

In the show, Botallack Mine acts as the Poldark family mines. Nestled in the rugged Cornish coastline, the location has become synonymous with the show, illustrating just how powerful selecting the right filming location can be.

10) Castle Ward

Castle Ward – Old Castle Tower” by Amanda Slater is licensed under CC BY - SA 2.0.

The only filming location in the UK on our list that’s in Ireland, Castle Ward has ties to one of the most iconic TV series of all time. Captivating audiences worldwide, the farmyard of Castle Ward featured in the Game of Thrones series as Winterfell.

However, transforming Castle Ward to Winterfell was no small feat. It took a total of 8 weeks to build the set on the farmyard, before hundreds of cast and crew descended on the filming location.

Castle Ward was also the location of the Whispering Wood, the Baelor battle and the confrontation between Brienne and the Stark men.

To celebrate the castle’s connections to the show, visitors are invited to take part in the Game of Thrones tour.

Of course, this is just a snapshot of some of the most famous film l ocations in the UK. With many of the locations — including Alnwick Castle — offering dedicated tours and exhibitions of its TV and movie connections, why not start planning your visit today?

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