Northumberland is a land of history, enchantment, and stunning vistas. The only place with more magic between its four walls? It has to be Alnwick Castle. We may be biased, but there’s no place more magical to spend your weekend. 

The castle holds grandeur and great historical significance, but due to its role in the treasured Harry Potter films, Alnwick Castle has offered an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you're wandering the historical grounds, getting into the action with our enchanting events, or stepping into the world of Hogwarts, a weekend at Alnwick Castle is surely one that you won’t forget any time soon.

Was Harry Potter filmed at Alnwick Castle?

There are 70 castle sites in Northumberland, but we have good reason to believe Alnwick Castle is one of the best. Its two-metre thick walls and robust oak gates stand as a testament to its rich history and architectural splendour — making it the perfect setting for Harry Potter. 

The castle acted as a filming location for the first two Harry Potter films, bringing the magic of Hogwarts to our visitors. Take a stroll through the grounds on your visit and you might just recognise a few familiar scenes.

Alnwick Castle’s broomstick training 

One of the most popular activities we offer for film fans has to be our Alnwick Castle broomstick training course, where you learn broomstick skills just like Harry and his fellow wizards and witches. 

You’ll get expert guidance from our trained instructors where you can learn a few basic skills like cornering, manoeuvring, accelerating, and braking. Don’t forget to bring your camera for picture evidence of you levitating mid-air! It's a must-do for any Potter enthusiast when visiting us.

Events and things to do at Alnwick Castle

We have a jam-packed schedule throughout the year catering to solo travellers, couples, friend groups and families. This way, we always have something special going on during your visit. 

From historical reenactments and medieval craft demonstrations to magical performances and castle tours, there's something for everyone. Don’t forget to check our events calendar to plan your visit around these exciting activities.

Have your shot at archery

Fancy stepping into the shoes of a medieval archer for the day? Make it a reality with our Have-a-Go Archery experience. Whether you're a seasoned archer or a total beginner, this activity provides a fun and educational glimpse into the past. It's one of the many unique things to do in Northumberland no matter who you’re visiting with and is guaranteed to add some magical memories to your weekend.

Guided history and film tours

If activities aren’t your thing, we have a variety of talks and guided tours available for our visitors.

  • Historical Grounds Tour: Learn about the eventful history of Alnwick Castle, from its beginnings as a medieval fortress to a family residence and beloved castle today.

  • State Room Tour: Tour around the home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and learn about their art collection and beautiful interiors.

  • Family Friendly History Tour: We know the little ones won’t want to wander around for hours, so this is a 30-minute tour we offer during weekends and school holidays to keep their interests piqued.

Visiting Alnwick Castle in the rain

The rain never hinders the magic of our wonderful castle. In fact, we have plenty of indoor activities to keep you entertained. Wander around the on-site museums and marvel at the vast collection of artefacts and exhibits. Scan the historical treasures and intriguing displays for a day of discovery.

Artisans Courtyard

No visit to Alnwick Castle would be complete without some time spent in the Artisans Courtyard. Watch craftsmen at work and even try your hand at some traditional medieval crafts, dress up like a daring dragon slaying knight, Lady or Lord of a medieval castle or a comedic jester, and get a glimpse into medieval life. 

Dragon Quest

If you’re feeling brave enough, our Dragon Quest is an immersive and thrilling experience for families with children aged between 5 and 12 years old to enjoy. Traipse through the mirror maze and over the fiery bridge to see how many dragons you can find.

Don’t forget about the charm of Alnwick Town

While we have a lot to say about our castle, it goes without saying that Alnwick town is a must-do in itself. Full of delightful shops, pubs, and cobbled streets, there are many things to do, it's the perfect area to stop for lunch or a wander to break up your castle adventure. 

Book your magical weekend at Alnwick

Harry Potter fans, history buffs, and those simply looking for a magical weekend escape in Northumberland will appreciate how Alnwick Castle has something for everyone. 

Ready for your magical weekend at Alnwick Castle? Don’t forget to check our opening times and book your tickets online to secure your spot.