Discover the State Rooms, explore the grounds and examine the unique artefacts in our museums. 


We have produced a menu of workshops designed to appeal to a range of age groups and Key Stages, ensuring that Early Years and Reception classes, as well as older years, enjoy equally accessible workshops. The sessions are led by our costumed characters who take on the personas of wizards, knights, poor peasants, hapless medieval alchemists, chroniclers, and spies.


The ethos of our education programme is to provide an environment where the pupils use the skills and knowledge they have acquired at school whilst working towards their target Key Stages. As such, they are encouraged to use their imaginations, examine and resolve questions, and of course, have fun. 


The workshops are led by our costumed historical interpreters. Each workshop, depending on the subject chosen, will consist of an interactive session, performance, or a practical or artefact handling element. 


Workshops are designed with flexibility so they can be delivered at the right level for the age group. However, we have also developed workshops that can be tailored to suit the individual key stages required.

Witches, Wands, Wizards and Knights

The magic of tales. Plunge into the world of knights, witches and mythical creatures. Firstly, the Castle’s two resident wizards will instruct groups in the art of wand making as they create their own. Once the wand is complete, the class will have the opportunity to use their new found magical abilities to assist in telling the magnificent tale of Sir Kit Breaker. Becoming a troupe of medieval players, they will act out the tale, complete with a troll, a three headed giant, and a dragon.

 An intriguing craft class leads to a storytelling session where pupils can use their imaginations as they participate in an original and entertaining tale.

Arm the Knight, defend the Castle

Led by our resident knights, learn how a knight was armed and how he fought as pupils handle armour and weapons. How heavy is chain mail? What is a bassinet? How could a knight move in all that armour? Once trained, the group will take on the roles of attackers and defenders as they act out their parts in the Castle’s medieval Barbican gatehouse. Once the battle is over, the dungeon awaits the vanquished... who will it be?

This is a hands-on, interactive session to allow pupils to experience what life would have been like as a medieval knight or soldier, plus their fate if defeated in battle. 

Harry Hotspur – life of a medieval knight

Harry Hostpur, the legendary local hero, was renowned as one of the greatest medieval knights, but what made the legend? Our medieval players will regale pupils with the tale of the man behind the fame: bravery and hot-headedness, mixed together with a little tomfoolery. Afterwards, handle and learn about the real arms and armour Harry Hotspur would have used.

A performance charting the life and character of Alnwick’s greatest knight with drama and humour, followed by a practical arms and armour session and a demonstration of medieval sword fighting techniques, bringing the reality of his weaponry vividly to life. 

Medieval Alchemist – Medical Scientist or Magical Charlatan?

Was he a scientist or a fraud? Would you trust him to cure you of the plague, a sore throat, or even a toothache? Can he really predict the future or control things with his mind? Join the Castle’s Alchemist and his luckless assistant as they lead pupils through the science, medicines and magical nonsense that make up their world.

The Alchemist will demonstrate his understanding of medieval science and medicine. He will perform some of his “scientific” experiments, demonstrate some of his cures and finally show that we still use some of his cures today. 

Additional activities

Broomstick Training*
Master your broomstick with our wizard professors, on the very spot of Harry's first lesson!

Battleaxe to Broomstick Tour*
Enjoy an entertaining tour of the Castle's grounds with a costumed guide, including stories of Harry Hotspur and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the Harry Potter films.

Medieval Games**
Enjoy a sports day, medieval style! Can you hit the bullseye, strike the most blows in the fencing arena or get a strike on the skittles?

Storming the Barbican*
Take part in a bloody battle for the borders! Defend the castle's inhabitants in a ferocious battle in the formidable fortified gatehouse.

Specialist Tour**
We can help to create bespoke tours of the grounds or State Rooms, designed to suit your curricular needs.

* maximum group size is 40 students
** maximum class size is 30 students

Packages and Pricing 

All school visits must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. To check our availability or for any further information, please contact Charles Bolam at or call 01665 511 157


•Discounted admission
•Free parking and easy drop-off
•Meet-and-greet service available
•Range of bookable workshops and activities
•Discounted catering packages
•One free adult per five children visiting age 6 and below
•One free adult for every 10 children visiting age 7 and above
•Bag storage available in Knight's Quest
•Free admission for driver


£6.50 per pupil (16 and under)
£10.00 per adult

Free teachers

1 free teacher per 10 pupils age 7yrs and above
1 free teacher per 5 pupils age 6 yrs and below
Additional workshops £40 per session.